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Money Advisor Wealth Management

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Worldsource Financial Management Ltd.
Worldsource Financial Management Ltd.
Together we Will Build a Future Worth Smiling About

Years from now…

You won’t recall the details of the conversation, but you’ll be glad it took place. And you probably won’t remember the exact amount you invested, but we trust you’ll be impressed by how comfortable life feels

You will smile inwardly as you realize this was one of the ‘top ten’ best decisions of your adult life.

Honesty, integrity and trust are still the three best words to describe your financial advisor and how they conduct business.


Simple. Effective. Accountable.

We’d like to think your existing bucket list is just a warm up — provided you’re ready to ask the question, “What if…? What if your future had no limitations?”

The sum total of your life touches the generations before and after you, and that’s a long time. As we come to understand and appreciate the details of your life, no one will give you better advice or treat your investments with greater respect.

Let’s talk about your obligations, goals and dreams, but more importantly let’s devise a plan to make your future a sought-after destination. Isn’t it time to re-engage your imagination and discover how you’d like to finish that question?



Respected. Trusted. Stable.

Life happens. And one day — out of nowhere — things change. Its unforeseen ripples seem to hijack your confidence. Are you ever really prepared for the unexpected? The obvious solution is insurance, but we look beyond the evident.

Our approach is holistic and proactive. We believe in conservative choices and diversification. We also believe in being comprehensive, competitive and very transparent. We ask thought-provoking questions because they help uncover potential problems; they often reveal what’s vulnerable, liable and fragile. Simply put, we believe in protecting that which matters the most: your family, your future and your finances.



Experience. Forethought. Results.

True prosperity evolves from working with a team of extraordinary people. They are the best and the brightest, and this is who we choose to work with. As Financial Advisors, it is no coincidence that we are aligned with impartial yet exceptional money managers because there’s one goal that we have in common: growth. But we seek to build more than just the numbers with you. Our focus is integrative, inclusive and organic. We are more interested in creating a holistic plan that covers every facet of your future. There’s a reason why ‘trust, honesty and integrity’ are synonymous with Money Advisor Wealth Management — today and years from now.

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