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Money Advisor Wealth Management

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Benefits of Working with a CFP

Often we are asked what differentiates a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) from other Advisor’s within our industry. A Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is a designation awarded to individuals who have successfully completed the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC)’s certification requirements. Individuals who receive their CFP designation must take extensive courses and exams in the areas of financial planning, taxes, insurance, estate planning and retirement.
The CFP designation is made up of four categories: education, exam, experience and ethics. CFP candidates must complete an education program, pass two national exams, have 3 years of qualifying work experience and must complete new professional education courses every year. The CFP curriculum includes courses such as financial planning, risk and retirement planning, wealth management and estate planning. The first exam is the FPSC Level 1 Examination in Financial Planning: a 4-hour multiple choice test that is administered only twice a year. In addition to the exam, CFP candidates must apply for FPSC Level 1 Certification which imposes a code of ethics, loyalty and care. The next step involves taking an approved FPSC Capstone Course which once completed allows you to write the CFP exam. Once the CFP exam is completed, a CFP candidate will need to obtain 3 years of qualifying work experience. Those individuals who have attained the CFP designation have a wealth of experience and must complete continuing education programs each year to maintain their certification status. 
The CFP certification is the highest standard in personal financial planning. Financial planning is more than merely budgeting and savings. Financial planning involves setting a course of life goals to ensure the proper management of your financial affairs. Working with a CFP gives you the peace of mind in knowing your personal finances are in the hands of an experienced, educated and knowledgeable individual.
20 years ago, Kevin MacLeod, starting a family and having recently sold his retail business, was seeking a new career when he discovered a passion for financial services. Kevin earned his CFP designation and set out to educate people on money matters, one client at a time. Kevin is now a Money Advisor Wealth Management Financial Planner. As a focused and passionate leader, Kevin’s greatest reward comes from helping clients make informed financial decisions.
A good financial planner will work with you to define your financial goals and set out a plan of action for the steps you will need to take to achieve these goals. Knowing you are working with a CFP who is held to the highest ethical and professional standards means your money is in good hands.
CFP’s must adhere to a high standard of professional conduct, meeting appropriate standards of competence and professionalism through rigorous requirements of education, examination, experience and ethics. At Money Advisor Wealth Management, our CFP’s are committed to providing competent, ethical, objective and professional financial advice; delivered with integrity, privacy and diligence.
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