How it Works

Complete your MoneyGaps questionnaire to get your MoneyGaps snapshot! We are committed to building a beautiful, digital financial planning experience for Canadians. More importantly, we want to make financial planning available to more Canadians than ever before.

MoneyGaps has been developed based on extensive research with Canadian financial advisors, financial consumers, compliance officers, digital user experience experts, and more. We’re very excited to show you the future of advisor-based, digital financial planning. It is quick and to the point!

One of our advisers will confirm your snapshot with you, go over any “gaps” with you and complete a Money Advisor Scorecard that will direct you and us to the things that matter most to you and that you want to improve!

Your adviser will send an “Asset Map” questionnaire to get to know you even better! You can schedule an online or over the phone meeting to discuss your Money Gaps and Asset Map and how your goals and objectives can be fulfilled.