Why the MoneyAdvisor Advantage ProgramTM?

Everyone at some point in time needs a financial plan and they need the expertise of a financial planner when that time comes, even if you use a do it yourself investment platform, you still need a plan.

When it’s time to hire a financial advisor what are your choices?

Go to the bank – regular people that have under 500k in investable assets.

  • While the person at the bank is certainly a nice person and likely has a form of financial planning designation, he or she has one responsibility and its to the bank and that is to sell you the banks products.
  • The bank will likely not complete a financial plan with any substance and will leave gaps in your plan where their products do not come into play.

Go to the bank – wealthier people with over 500k in assets

  • Typically you will be referred to the banks wealth management teams. These are the investment brokers and they are there to sell you bank products at a premium fee. They are typically not financial planners. You may or may not get a comprehensive plan and if you do its unlikely that it is done by the investment broker.

At MAWM and Lee-Owe MacLeod Wealth Management Inc.

We are not concerned with the amount of money that you have and we treat everyone as if they were friends and family!

If your situation is not complex and we can help with our MoneyAdvisor Advantage ProgramTM you will be set up for success! 

If your situation is more complex and/or you hire us to manage your investments or help you plan your retirement, we will refer you to our parent firm, Lee-Owe MacLeod Wealth Management Inc.  A fully licensed financial advisory firm. 

We are committed to helping you become financially successful by giving you “Advice Your Way”